WINZIB = win zip + win browse
   An application to compress and browse your personal documents.
    Very fast to compress file, very useful to compress a large amount of small files. You can browse these files directlly after compress and no uncompression needed. Easy to add files to compressed library and delete files from library.
Key Features:
1. Very Simple Operation. Only need to drag the path of docs, move to the class on library and drop it, all docs under the path are loaded to the library.
2. Support Strong ability to process compressed library, such as bulk docs process, bulk files process, copy each other between two lib, and so on.
3. Rapid Search. You can find out the files in library very fast because of the library's database ability.
4. Perfect files browser. Support bulk pictures browse, support internal direct view for normal type docs like txt, doc, rtf, pdf, swf, html, mp3 and wmv etc.
5. Internal Compress. Expand the function of winrar and winzip greatly, such as compress a large numbers of files, speed of search, view and modification of compressed file etc.
6. Support Class Password Protection, which is useful for personal document, personal ebooks and pictures.
7. Unique method to protect huge file in the world, it is, Cut the first part(4K) of file and save it to the library, it is wonderful to protect huge media files.
8. Browse rar or zip files in library directlly, Import zip and rar file to library directlly.
9. Browse all kinds of file in your disk directlly.

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